The Zav'os are the warrior caste ofVawz SavaΓche, a Militaristic Sbakaz city state located on the Northeastern coasts of the Southwest continent.


At the age of 14, both males and females born into the caste enter a brutal training system called the Ḋazh, which is "System" in the Vawz Dialect. It begins with a daily training routine that builds up physical fitness and strength while working on practical military and combat skills. Throughout that period, they have two mentors. The first is a same gender mentor,significantly older, who not only teaches combat skills they learned from their mentor, but life lessons about being a male or female warrior off of the battlefield. This continues until about 17, when the relationship has evolved from a harsh one, to a friendship. For the next two years, they are given a mentor of the opposite sex, about 5-6 years older, that teaches them more combat skills and shows that the other gender is someone you need to trust in battle, and teaches them about courting by purposefully building a romantic relationship that continues until 19, when they become a warrior. Though it is a very strong relationship, it never goes past kissing, and never continues past 19, though there still is a strong friendship left, as with the first mentor. The training given as a corps is brutal, and the drill master is harsh and uncaring. At five different stages of the training, including graduation, there is trial called "Art" or "The Fire". Two contestants are put into circle of oiled wood, which is then set alight. Being unable to escape and unarmed, they must fight to the death before they die from suffocation (The fire eats the air). When there is a solid victor, there is a large metal plate put on the edge of a ring that acts as a bridge, and people pull the victor out (Usually, he is at the point where he can't move himself).

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