The Xhuaiet people (Western Xhuaiet: Xhuaiehtlin fanos) is an ethnic group that lives in the Irabaw Jungle.


There are three "degrees" of clans:

  1. The close extended family, consisting of first generation siblings and their matrilineal descendants (A man becomes part of his wife's family when he gets married),
  2. The village group, consisting of several families that migrate together,
  3. The tribe, consisting of several villages united by language, that band together only in times of stress.

Each has a leader: the Great Uncle, the Head Warrior, and the Chief, chosen by enatic seniority, contest, and election by the Great Uncles respectively.

Hunter-gatherer peoples, they spend most of their mornings getting food, while leaving the evenings for everything else.


The Xhuaiet religion is animist, based on three classes of supernatural beings: the Good Spirits who created the world, the Evil Spirits who corrupted it, and the Petty Spirits who constantly change sides based on bribes. The standard Xhuaiet ritual is to sacrifice a bone to a Petty to either turn them to the Good or to appease them. Bones, as they never "die," are considered holy, and to break a bone is considered the same as murder.