Vdiruzq [ftiʁuzqʰ] is a variant of the Růmzqūse folk religion that is practiced in the city of Olneůik and in similar surrounding settlements in the Nōneůik Mountains.


Vdiruzq derives from the Proto-Vdangku word vdiu no, ruzq- to scratch. The Vdiruzq view the world through the vazůlav, or anomalies, as the Gaqhaong folk religion. As the people of Olneůik live within the largest vazůl within Exhpazixh, they believe that the large amount of energy flow in the area supports their city while also inducing a certain tingling sensation within the body. This may or may not be attributed to possible volcanic or mantle activity underneath the surface that occasionally cause tremors. Obviously, then the objective of Vdiruzq, is to rid the body, mind, and surrounding of the scratching noise.


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As a whole, Vdiruzq imposes a less restrictive lifestyle on its followers than Gaqhaong. People are free to participate in worldly activities such as the arts, food supply, and trading within the city. Around 100 priests known as the Vazoto conduct daily rituals dealing with the appeasement of the deities, as well as studying energy flow throughout the vazůlav in order to determine proper arrangement of energy flows, not unlike Chinese feng shui. They are led by the Vaztoto.


Vdiruzq is fairly regimented, and all inhabitants of Olneůik are expected to participated in important rituals.


Vdiruzq followers must reset energy flows every thirty days to please the gods. This practice is known as Uxhāk, or Clutter. To clear out negative energy, personal areas are strewn with belongings, grime, and dirt, which is left there to collect for two full days. At the end of the ritual, Vdiruzq must clean their surroundings, then retreat to the central chamber of the Noneuik vazul to receive the gift of energy to clear their ears of scratchy noises.


An ritual closely associated with Uxhāk is Gganiu, or Polish. This involves polishing any flat surface in the area into a perfectly smooth surface. For one hour on the final day of Uxhāk, the surface is scratched with thin metal rods. The sound produced by this scratching noise is said to signify the transfer of the internal tingling sensation from the body back to the earth, reciprocating the sensation believed to be given to them by the gods.


Followers of Vdiruzq, depending on occupation and physical ability, may choose to leave Olneůik sometime during their lifetime to visit other vazůl in Exhpazixh.

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