Vawz SavaΓche

Native Name

Vawz SavaΓche[vawz sav'aɣtʃe]


Southwest Continent


100% Northern Sbakaz


Unrecorded, Ancient Era


Dictatorial Republic


6000 apx.

Vawz SavaΓche [vawz sav'aɣtʃe] -, or the "Republic of Vawz" is a militaristic City-State that is ethnically Northern Sbakaz , but is located on the Savanna to the east of a SavaΓ Borodche overseas colony.


They have a widely varied economy, but mainly specialize in Naval and Mechanical engineering and they produce a sizable Ganuv crop. The center of it's economy is the Bazaar, an open market area just outside of it's docks, where people can buy and sell traded goods. The Dock right next to it is separated into a dry dock where it manufactures ships, and the wet dock where mainly ships that have returned dock, but there are a few foreign ships as well. Another export that is sold much is weapons, but only to foreign countries, not other city states.


With the dawn of the Bronze age, the city states began to forge their own identities that co-existed with their Sbakaz identity.


The Society is run by a a single Iwa'os, or General. He is in charge of the armed forces and has a dictatorial status(in the earlier sense without negative connotation) instead of a set code of laws. Below him, but given a veto power, is the Zie'osto. He is assisted by two other Szie'os who act as council, but hold no real power.

Daily Life[]

In the Republic of Vawz, the Caste system has evolved into something formal and set, rather than an informal social grouping. There are three main categories of Castes. The first is the Warriors, or Zav'os . The Zav'os are the most powerful caste, and comprise of both land soldiers, and a Naval force, though the Navy is not as strong as the SavaΓ Borodche Navy. At a young age, anyone born into the warrior caste, male or female, begins training with their mentor and a corps of other young ones separately. They begin a daily training routine at 14 with other future soldiers, and serve until age 30. The second most important set of castes are the food-producers. They include Farmers, Fishermen, and Hunters. The final caste is comprised of builders, craftsmen, and merchants, all of who are seen as unnecessary.


The Vawz dialect of Northern Ancient Sbakaz differs slightly in vocabulary and noun affixes, but is not very different from standard NAS.

Some Different Words
The -z ending for nouns becomes a -'oz (Apostrophe represents a glottal stop). If the word ends in Ü or U eliminate that vowel.
The Diminutive "-iot" become "-it"


Vawz SavaΓche is the easternmost dot on the map.