This page aims to compile information about international trade across the world of Yucopia

Add cities and trade routes as needed.

Greater Trade Routes[]

The Spice Route, going from the east of the Chalmean islands to the port of Bawám , and then upriver into the southern Tll-Ikish steppes. Along this route trading ships and caravans haul spices and drugs from the Chalmean jungle one way and bring back tools, nails, arrows, spear heads, ornaments and other metal wares.

Southern Route[]

The Southern Route is a long naval trade route that originates in the Southwest Savanna, in the City-State of SavaΓ Borodche and moves across Kog Artche to the Far East SavaΓ Borodche Colonies and Vawz SavaΓche, then up to the Isle of Chalmea or Bawám at the southern tip of the Central Continent. Merchants haul various goods from the Savag Bordoche to Chalmean shores, most notably military goods and mechanical parts for looms.

The Coastal Caravans[]

A trade route originating from the southeastern coast of Ibabaw, then passes through the center of the continental desert, passing Olneůik and several mountain rest stops along the way before traversing the desert to areas further north. Trade in water, simple biological technology, raw and refined metal and stone products, grains, and other plant farming goods.