A Toto Lizard (P-Vd meongkeikuān night breather) is an overarching term for a variety of small scaled quadripedal reptiles inhabiting the Exhpazixh desert and steppe areas.


The lizards are similar to those found on earth. However, their defining feature is the presence of one or several rows of pores lining both sides of the torso. Though the Rumzquze believe that these pores are used to release air from the body, they are in fact used to absorb moisture during the nighttime. The pores are closed during the day to keep the lizard from drying out under harsh sunlight.


Toto lizards generally pose little to no danger to people. Their diet ranges, though they can be summarized as being insectivores and facultative herbivores.

List of Toto LizardsEdit

Name Meaning Features
Ingdåer no imprint Dark green-brown. Very small, generally 5cm at the largest. Leaves no detectable footprints as it walks.
Qang Uongzte hollow dream Pale, gray-tan. 6-9cm in length. Very active at night, it is believed to crawl into people's ears while they are sleeping an steal their dreams.
Zbātikezda liver Brown-red in color. 5-7cm in length but significantly wider around its center. This resemblance to the liver itself, coupled with the fact that it secretes a weak toxin similar to the color of bile gives it its name.
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