Hory is the fartherst state downstream on the Oqesh river. It is a mostly mercantile state, and while not comparable to Biwam, it is the most innovative and progressive of the Tll states. Its metropolis is inhabited by about 20,000 people, and overall it has a population of about 81,000. It's ruling dynasty, the Ghoshm clan, has held the throne of Hory since time immemorial. It is an absolutist state, and the king personally oversees as much of governance as he can.

Hory is also remarkable for its liberal economic policy. It has no tarrifs whatsoever, and keeps taxes at a flat 5%. To compensate, many governmental functions are paid for by the Ghoshm clan itself.


Unlike Hory, which has easy access to south Keskus and it's richs by the Oqesh river, Khshkhd is cut off from most trade to the south by the vast desert and by hostile Drs-Ikish and desert tribesmen. Thus, Khshkhd, and similar states around it, are very poor, and a strong ethos of self-reliance has developed to compensate. As of now, Khshkhd is a rather unnoteworthy state, but the future will prove its greatness


Rathm is the northernmost of the Tll States, and it completely monopolizes the trade with the Slavasco. It is a rich state, but almost universally despised by all of the other states. It has been to war many, many times, and while it has a strong military, it often relies on Slavasco allies to keep the fight even. Predictably, this leads to charges of them being traitors to the Tll

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