'The Appearance', (proto-Vdangku Bizdduān) is the origin myth for the Růmzqūse People, of both the Gaqhaong and Vdiruzq varieties of belief system.


In the beginning the world was a flat expanse. It was rocky, devoid of anything living, and a completely inhospitable place. The days cycled in and out, and no change came to the world. Then from underneath came the gods. Nōneůik the Unwavering, Axhiege the Verdant, Axhiuk, and others.

From underneath the flat land they shaped the world. Nōneůik produced the greatest mountains, Axhiege created the Zbbuongte and the Southern forests, and Axhiuk the stones. Finally the world had been created and formed. The gods turned to leave, so that they could admire their creation from afar, but found that their creations had bound them to the world, the energy exerted had connected them to their creation. As they found that they were stuck there, they decided to collaborate once more in their creation. And out of their products they created the people, the Růmzqūse, so named because Exhpazixh was theirs to run and live in.

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