The Teongzaxh Condor (P-Vd. bunte piutiůl zbe, buntepiut) is a large, carrion-eating raptor endemic to the Noneuik Mountains of Exhpazixh. Originally limited to the desert and steppe region surrounding the Noneuik range, they have expanded their range to encompass most of the grasslands to the south.


The description of condor refers only to the buntepiut's carrion-eating behavior. Its appearance is closer to that of an oversized crow with a khaki-colored plumage. It is from this coloring that the condor gets the name tilium, or sand-feather.

  • Length - 0.6m-0.8m
  • Mass - 10-14kg
  • Wingspan - 0.9-1.2m

It has a grasping foot, with three toes on the front and one facing backwards. Its relatively large beak is used for picking through corpses.

Cultural Significance[]

The tilium have been tamed and kept as pets by the people of Olneůik for many years. As well as serving a domestic purpose, the birds have also been featured in the Olneůik religion Vdiruzq.