The Sukrit, or "good bad", has become a staple of life though it is also feared because of its poisonous roots. It comes in three varieties: vine, tree and bush. It is also considered highly invasive because of its root systems and its dispersion. The only animal able to eat the roots is a type of mole and it keeps it from spreading. The roots spread fast and deep. About ten feet from the mother plant the roots surface and start another plant and another plant and so on similar to spruce trees.

The fruit is sweet and nutritious making it like the siren of the plant world. It has several colors making it attractive to different animals and birds. The fruit forms in a specific way. When the flower petals form it releases strong scents into the air to attract the animals that eat nectar. After the spores have been transferred from another sukɹɪt onto the receivers in the petals seeds start to form. The petals then gorge and round out developing a tough skin and fruit forms within. A different petal color appeals to different animals.

After the petals can grow no more they are picked or eaten by humans and animals. The seeds are then swallowed and the waxy shell that covers them slowly dissolves. It is then excreted and is able to germinate after being carries far enough.

Because of the nature of the plants and the way they spread human communities that have the plant; households have a ceramic jar to contain feces outside the front door. These jars are then filled with water and boiled. After being boiled the contents are dried and through into a community fire. They often harvest the fruit but try to keep the plant away from the village because of the animals and insects they attract.

This plant’s petals (before fruiting) are also harvested and used in tea. This tea makes green tea look like soda, while the fruit makes pomegranates look like a Mc Donald’s burger.

The stem on the shrub and vine varieties are hemp like and can be used for much of the same things.

Fruit as Drug[]

The leaves affect the nervous system, enhancing both pleasure and pain. The leaves cause an addiction to not more leaves but more fruit. The fruit holds seeds which are then able to germinate once excreted. But the fruit causes an addiction to the leaves, a vicious cycle. This addiction is only activated after tasting both so a child can eat the fruit with no addiction but the adults who are allowed to eat both are addicted. If you eat the leaves and no fruit you are done for.

This stimulant puts coffee to shame. Warriors are powerful and ten times as quick mentally and in reaction. Hunting parties are usually successful.

It is used in coming of age ceremonies which are closely followed with marriage.