Southwest Continent
The continent of Namjog in the western hemisphere


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Native Names

Notable Regions

The Southwestern Continent, or Namjog, as it is also called, is the continent in the southwest corner of a traditional map. It is home to several civilizations, a variety of odd animals, and many interesting plants. Not only that, but it is the continent which contains most of the Southern Route.



Namjog, as all continents, have a variety of plants that are indigenous and don't grow elsewhere. The most prominent of these, and the biggest export, is the Ganuv, a plant known for its many uses and its seed's psychoactive properties.


Namjog is probably most famous for the animals it has. Like Australia in our world, it is guessed that many species evolved solely on this continent, creating creatures not seen elsewhere. On the plains, the four main animals are the Γaddum, the Γoddom, the Vüm, and the Zavum. In the Jungles, the animals are well above humans in the food chain, and the jungles are primarily controlled by the order of animals dubbed "Argaþ", and the Ēvek family.

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