Raḋa SavaΓche, or "The Colony of the Republic", is an overseas colony controlled by SavaΓ Borodche that is located on the steppes on the other side of Kog Artche. With minimal food production, the majority of the economy is based on import and export, as it is the only viable port to dock on that connects both halves of the Southern Route.


The economy of Raḋa is much different than other Sbakaz city-states. It's three main sources of income are import/export tax, amenities used by travelers, and the state run mercenary force known as "Skosaz Raḋar " which means "Colonial Marines" in the Ancient Sbakaz Language . In fact, 74% of food is imported. They have minimal fields that produce Barley, which is also exported in small quantities.


As opposed to other Sbakaz societies, Raḋa only has 5 castes, and they are all equal. There are Merchants and Traders, Farmers, Fishers, Soldiers, and Inn people. The latter is a Caste unique to Raḋa, and they are the ones who operate inns, as the name states.


As one can imagine, a city with such a prime spot is a great target for every small city-state that wants its name on the map. At throughout it's history, it has come under minor assault and blockade, but the attacks were dealt with and any blockade has been crushed like a sandcastle beneath a tidal wave. But at one point in history, at an unrecorded time, Vawz SavaΓche began a 42 day siege on the city, and put up a blockade that was constant and rebounded after every loss. Casualties were recorded to be high, and both fleets suffered more than a 50% loss. In a last ditch effort, a flotilla with Skosaz Raḋar were sent to launch a makeshift siege upon Vawz SavaΓche itself, whereupon they drew their troops back and ended the siege. All of this is recored in the Fire Chronicle .