Putvå Iāltuxhe










Iāltuxhe' (P-Vd Putvå Iāltuxhe gathering place of the Iāltuxhe) is a port city located on the southeastern coast of Ibabaw. The area is fed by the Bay of Mileong, which is the endpoint of a major mercantile area. First settled by Tolål Iāltuxhe clan of the Rumzquze People, it has developed from a small collection of huts into a fully functional mercantile area.


Ialtuxhe's economy is mostly based on shipping and trade. Through the Coastal Caravans, it is supplied with raw minerals from Olneůik, and plants and herbal goods from the grasslands to the west. Ialtuxhe is also renowned for its maritime prowess and seafood.


Several medium sized wooden rowing ships have been built, although the manpower required to travel long distances is limited. These ships are similar to the Greek trireme, without sails. Ialtuxhe has also begun the early stages of designing sailing ships and metallic hulled ships, those these projects are fairly small in scale and limited in ability.


Though the Ialtuxhe have no history of warfare, they have nevertheless attempted to expand their influence within Southern Ibabaw and along the coastlines of the same continent. Because of a longstanding fear of the rainforest, that area has not been conquered. The Ialtuxhe have instead focused their attentions northward towards Chäng areas. This proved not to be a difficult task, as the Chäng chose not to offer any resistance, and by -150, Ialtuxhe gained control of much of the eastern coastline.

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