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Proto Slöm Polas Language


Slöm Polas Languages

Spoken in:

Central North Keskus
Central Keskus

Minority speakers in:

Western North Keskus

Native speakers:

Central Northern Keskus: 300,000
Central Keskus: 50,000
Western Northern Keskus: 10,000

Proto Slöm Polas, (PSP, Our speech) is the major language spoken by the Slavasco, both in their homeland, as well as in the eastern regions of the Caron's territory, centered around the Great River (Proto Caron: Sidunrefbim, Slöm Polas: Zlogh Calan). It is unrelated to Proto Caron and its use around the Caron's territory is currently limited to mainly non-Caron tribes scattered though the region, primarily Slavasco tribes, or tribes influenced by the Slavasco. The language is a mainly isolating VSO language, with a (C)(l)V(V)(C) syllable structure.


Nasals: m n ng (/m n ŋ/)
Stops: p b t d c g (/p b t d k g/)
Fricatives: f v s z x gh (/f v s z x ɣ/)
Other: l (/l/)

Vowels: a ä e ö i ü o u (/a œ e ø i y o u/)

sl and zl are both allowed as initials, however no other combinations of l and another consonant are allowed



Verbs take the following conjugations:

  • Masculine singular (s)
  • Feminine singular (z)
  • Masculine plural ( ¨s)
  • Feminine plural ( ¨z)

Example verb conjugation: polas, to speak

Polas cu.
He speaks.

Polaz zlo.
She speaks.

Poläs cü.
They speak. (all men or mixed)

Poläz zlö.
They speak. (all women)