Pebbů (P-Vd tolål pebbů clan of the jumpers, P-Garo pabo) is a settlement located in the central Exhpazixh grasslands. Originally settled by a Rumzquze clan, it has become a heavily contested area, both within Rumzquze clan conflicts and with outsiders such as the Garo because it is situated at the source of the biologically rich Nōnāvkå River area.


Pebbů was settled around -14000, when Rumzquze tribes first moved into the area from northern Ibabaw. The clan, known as tolål pebbů, found the unique situation afforded to them by the proximity of the Nōnāvkå provided a fortuitous arrangement of vazůlav central to their beliefs.

The area itself is considered an anomaly within the savanna landscape of southern Exhpazixh, which has resulted in many conflicts between the Pebbů and other tribes. Until -200, Pebbů had been able to repel invading tribes who sought to access its locational riches. As a result, Pebbů had developed to become one of the more established Rumzquze settlements, at some point requiring military training for its people and constructing fortified buildings situated upon earthen mounds.

The development of the Kingdom of Fotanaqi to the west, however, proved to be a turning point in the history of Pebbů and the beginning of its significance on a wider scale. By -800, Fotanaqi had been established as a kingdom, and in -200, it swept across the southern plains and overwhelmed many of the small settlements there, including Pebbů.


Pebbů is serviced by its proximity to the Nōnāvkå River, which serves as a transit path for goods moving towards the southeastern coast. A healthy exchange of goods had been established in antiquity between Pebbů, Ialtuxhe at the mouth of the river, and several other settlements in between. A dietary continuum can be observed along the river, with the easternmost areas tending towards seafood with vegetarian garnishings, and the continental areas tending towards a completely vegetable based diet.

Around -2000, Pebbů received its first trade contact with outsiders from the Garo area of Diza, with which it enjoyed an on and off trading relationship.

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