The Niqus is a radially symmetrical 5 armed invertebrate that is roughly analogous to a starfish on land. Its arms are about 10 cm long, and it is usually colored burgundy. Unlike starfish, it is much more mobile, with each arm strong enough to drag the entire body.

It occasionally might feed on a stray, unlucky beetle, but normally it feeds on ants. When its light sensors detect movements small enough and characteristic enough to be a line of ants, it follows them back to the ant hill. There, it climbs up the hill and uses the cilia on the bottom of it's arms to violently vibrate the colony. At the same time, it releases noxiously sweet fumes from glands near its beak. It does this so that the entire colony has no choice but to concentrate on the niqus. when the ants attack, the niqus eats them. If the ants attack its arms, the niqus uses its cila to sweep them up and move them towards its beak. The niqus can devour whole colonies in this way, but it must be prudent with the use of its fumes, as the odor can last long enough to attract coyotes.

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