The Nasetenchu Islands lie North of the Naweayisongi

Sound changes from Naweayisongipom Rinaki[]

Generally stops become fricatives in all initial and intervocal positions. Consonant clusters are not affected.

  • /p/ > /f/
  • /t/ > /T/
  • k > /C/

Fricatives are subject to fortition

  • /h/ > /f/
  • /s/ > /t/
  • intvervocally /v/ becomes /b/

Palatization of nasal stops before i and e is lost

Pre-aspirated consonants are lost with the /h/ dissapearing.

Pre-nasalized stops are lost with the nasal dissapearing


It is said that before our ancestors, before we carried their bones.
All was one,
the sky and the earth were not seperated.
They dwelt within a cave, this place is called the first house

Nafoypom Nahwerunki seweeze kwerum, Nayunyewem nafoysha huyuukana Kwerum, ruerina
Kanze aski seyeeze,
Rungo tuunta puweyeehämpi.
Nasmo tutrenan pusämpu, hokuskeasha shanzunkawem foyoyoyki

Nahoyfom nawerunki seweeze kwerum, Nayunewem nahoyfom suyuukhana kwerum, ruerina.
Khanze aski teyeeze.
Rungo tuunta fuweyeefämpi.
Nasmo tutrenan futäfu, sokhuskeasha shanzunkhawem hoyoykhi.