The mythology of a people is a very important, and tends to define religion. In a pre-science era, people had no way to explain things, with the exception of the stories they would pass on, as modern day bedtime stories are used to explain things to little kids who aren't able to understand the science. This page will show all of the mythologies for the peoples around the world. If you have a story to add, create the page for it, and link it to here under the correct category.


The following is the format of how tales are to be listed

Title(and link to the page), era(Whether it's the proto-culture, ancient, .etc), Type


Mythology: Set in prehistoric times, use grandiose characters, and are considered true and sacred.

Legends: Stories that are told, set in modern or near modern times(Compared to when it was begun), and is generally considered true

Folktales: Stories that are told that can be set in any time and place, and are generally considered to be just stories.

Also, certain common myths can have the same name and topic(Such as the Origin of Man), but they must have the culture;s name in parenthesis.

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