At one time, there was a pact, that during the dark of night, the Γoddom and man would be at peace, because they both needed sleep. One night, neither Vos, a man, or Ddavam, a Γoddom, could fall asleep, and they sit beneath a tree, joking and bragging. "You know", said Ddavam, "I am much better than you because I can climb up this tree". He then turned around, and extend his body up the tree and hacked down a couple branches before moving his head back down. "I am also stronger because I can do this", he said, beginning to hack and the tree and ram it until it fell. Vos laughed, "Are you truly? Because I can climb up a tree too". He went over to another tree and climbed all the way to the top, where he could reach because he could leave the ground. "You see?"

"Yes, but you aren't as strong as me". Vos laughed again, "Are you truly? Because I can do this". He walked over to the Γoddom and took off his bone-spade. "Ahh! Why did you do that? You will pay!". Vos quickly tossed the bone up, which lodged itself into the sky to become the moon, and ran from Ddavam, laughing.

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