Many years into the competition of the gods, the creatures had gaine intelligence, and began to seek for their god's glory on their own. They all decided to hold a great council of all creatures, who at that time, walked on two legs. They sat down, and they began to argue over who is better immidieatly, but one of the Zavum spoke up. "Now, we must stop this fighting, as their are more important things to attend to. First, we must all recognize that we are not superior to our gods". Everyone did so. "Now, we must all crawl on our four legs to show our humility". Everyone, except man bowed down on to their four legs. "Man, tell me, why do you not bow?".

"Because out creator made us as better than you, and as such, we will not bow as you do, will stand above you for the glory of our god". At that point, they became enraged and tried to stand up, but they could not put themselves back up. So they chased after man, who easily escaped because the other animals were unused to the four legs. Since then, man has been at war with the animals, because he stands upright and builds with tools, while others crawl in the dirt.

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