The following is a list of the gods contained in the pantheon of the Růmzqūze People. The list is incomplete and may not be applicable to all groups of Rumzquze.

List of Gods/Vazůlav[edit | edit source]

Main Gods[edit | edit source]

Name Vazůl Type Description
Nōneůik Mountain Range Patron of the Nōneůik Mountains in the northern part of Exhpazixh. Mythologically, the most powerful god, because of his ability to create mountain-sized vazůlav. God of metal, fire, trade, and obedience.
Axhiege Tropical Forest Patron of the Southern rainforests. There is no Rumzquze human presence in the forest out of respect or fear of Axhiege. God of growth, fear, trespassing, and fertility.
Axhiuk Rock Formations Patronness of the desert and steppe, overseer of large rock formations found in these areas. She is seen as one of the more favorable creators, though it is still unwise to deface her vazůlav or cause any offence. Goddess of death, manipulation, water, and knowledge.

Other Gods[edit | edit source]

Name Vazůl Type Description
Unixhi Large Fossils Usually associated with animals preserved from long ago by the desert. Although chancing upon a Unixhi vazůl is exceedingly rare, it is an omen of a respectable death. When the person who has seen the fossil dies, his or her family is showered with gifts aimed at pleasing Unixhi. God of death (minor), companionship, and stories.
Regana Savanna Trees Another beloved goddess, Regana is said to be responsible for providing sustenance for the Rumzquze people. . Goddess storms, resilience.
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