The Keskus Horse, or Ganon in the Vund language, is a domestic moose endemyc to the South Keskus savanna. It is the largest mammal of its habitat, with males's average weight around 640 kilo, while females, much smaller, being around 300 kilo. Males have 40cm long pointy antlers without the characteristic branching of other deer, that riders may as rains, while females have stubs. They are tame creatures, have remarkable stamina and strenght, and are a central part of the life of the Vund people.


An adult feral Ganon, of which there are at least half a million, needs 14000 calories to maintain it's bodyweight if it's a male and around 9000 if it's a female, so they spend a good part of their day feeding. They mostly eat grass, leaves and aquatic plants. Ganon are excellent swimmers and will often be found in rivers and lake shores, especially on hot days, cooling down their bodies and playing in the water. A strange behavioural note is that they will attack crocodiles on sight, many times regardless of being alone and even outnumbered. Ganon are highly social and can be very intelligent, forming personal bonds with other members of their species, as well as with other animals such as humans. They are easily trained and tend to be tame enough not to require pens or other devices to contain them after they reach adulthood. While hard to train, certain Vund tribes produce war Ganon, 800 kilo bulls that are specially trained to obey verbal commands and whose naturally tame and peaceful tendencies have been broken. A war ganon can easily crush a man with a rider on its back, and will keep balance during battle, giving its rider an elevated plattform from which to shoot proyectiles or to use the Delen, the traditional 2-metre long two-tipped Vund spear. A Ganon can use its antlers in a fight as weapons, and a single headbutt can easily kill an adult man, or even a lion.

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