The continent of Keskus in the western hemisphere


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Notable Regions

Keskus is a continent located in the northern central area of the planet. It can be reasonably divided into Northern, Central and Southern Regions. The north coast marks the northern border of Keskus, with much of the Inywak Archipelago being a part of Keskus. However, several of the northernmost islands, including the easternmost large island, as well as the entire northern landmass are geologically part of the continent of Ibabaw. The Isle of Chalmea is geologically a part of the continent of Namjog, though it is, for the most part, culturally and politically a part of Keskus.


While generally not as weird as some of the animals of Namjog, there are still multiple groups unique to the continent, such as a group of somewhat reptilian appearing creatures that have leathery skin, are warm blooded, and give birth to life young, though unlike mammals, they do not nurse their young. Some animals in this group include Ca, Gutar, and Gutarca. Also, in the central deserts there is an animal known as the Niqus that looks like a land based starfish. Towards the southern region of Keskus we can find two endemyc mammals: the Keskus Horse, a tall and highly muscular variety of moose that has been domesticated by the natives for centuries, and the Atolk, a medium-sized highly social cat.