What is this?[]

This is a collaborative conworld. if you don't know what a conworld is, it's a fictional world that is constructed or imagined by a person or, in this case, many people. the thread is here

How does this work?[]

At the time we're fleshing out neolithic and mesolithic cultures in order to populate our planet, which is currently named Yucopia. In time, the clock will tick, but as of now it doesn't.

Big Pages[]

Right now we have the following big pages; Mythology, Swadesh Lists, and Trade. We should have others, like Religious Institutions, Demography, and stuff like that.

Basic Geography[]


This project takes place on a planet called Yucopia, in an undetermined solar system and galaxy. It's main continents are Ibabaw, Keskus, Namjog and Anhayt. There are also two smaller landmasses; Chalmea and Mevces.

(List of the mayor peoples on each continent?)

Contributors, regions, and their people[]

and more...