Before year 0Edit

  • c.-100,000 - Central Keskus desert area first settled.
  • c.-80,000 - Wakrefwim area first settled.
  • c.-70,000 - Interior of North Keskus first settled.
  • c.-55,000 - Northern coasts of Keskus first settled.
  • c.-50,000 - Cartacar region first settled.
  • c.-35,000 - Inywak Archipelago first settled.
  • c.-24,000 – First people begin to migrate into Ibabaw via a land/ice bridge from northwestern Keskus.


  • c.-4000 - First evidence of Caron culture.
  • c.-2500 - Caron culture reaches mainland Keskus.
  • c.-2000 -1500 - Caron begin rapidly expanding, spreading deep into the mainland to the northeast, as well as to the south.
  • c.-1800 - Qhalqon people split off and head further south.
  • -32 - Misa born on the largest northern island of Cartacar.
  • -8 - Misa leaves on his journey to attempt to find the Qhalqon.



  • c.-2500 - First evidence of Slavasco culture.
  • c.-2000 - Slavasco spread into the forests to the west.
  • c.-1800 -1500 - Western forest Slavasco displaced by Caron expansion.
  • c.-1000 -500 - Slavasco spread south into the Wakrefwim region.

South Keskus PeopleEdit


  • c.-2000 - The Tll culture begins moving south from the northern grasslands due to population pressure
  • c.-1200 - The Drs-Ikish are completely removed from the fertile Oqesh and Kthmat river areas
  • c.-1000 - First evidence of bronzeworking by the Tll-Ikish
  • 80 55 - The Lrtakh War: Kshkhd unites the entire Tll culture under one government


  • c.-1800 - Qhalqon people break off from the Caron and settle the mouth of the Wakrefwim.
  • c.-700 -500 - Qhalqon shift from a hunter-gatherer society to an agricultural society.
  • -152 - City of Qaŋshiqh founded.
  • -75 - Creation of the Qhalqon city-state of Qaŋshiqh.

Years 0 to 1000Edit

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