The position of Vaztoto, or High Priest, is one of great importance in Olneůik society. Originally denoting the most senior priest in the practice of Vdiruzq, the belief system in Olneůik, the position has evolved into a more secular position that has more influence in daily affairs than initially intended.


The position of Vazoto, the keeper of the vazůl, was established almost as soon as the Růmzqūse People first settled in Olneůik. Initially, each clan was responsible for producing several Vazoto to deal with their specific branch of worshiping the vazůl. Through time, as the city grew, clan distinctions faltered and the position of Vazoto was limited to 100 priests. The most senior of these priests, measured by length of tenure, was known informally as the Vaztoto.

Expansion of Power[]

See Ezperta.

Several generations after the founding of Olneůik, Ezperta became Vaztoto and changed the fundamental function of the position.

List of Vaztoto[]

# Name Tenure Notes
1 Ezperta -1104


First Vaztoto, established the position out of expansion of traditional powers.
2 Ggaongxhun -1086


Erku (the Cautious)