Arkith, the coyote, is the prince of the gods. He is an arrogant god, and expects utter obedience from his subjects. He spends his days roaming the world, trying to put things "back in shape". While he is bitter and strict, he is not unreasonable, and most Ikish are quite willing to actively worship him.. While he is prone to erudition and fanciness, he is also incredibly strong, and can tear 50 mean to pieces with his bare hands

Honhun, the hare, god of war and sports, is probably the most beloved of all the gods. He is a great warrior: he can fight with 10 knives at once, and not only can he launch javelins incredibly far distances, but he can catch other peoples' javelins in his hands. He is also arguably the fastest thing in existence. He is a friend to humans, and frequently travels among them, showing off his skill and driving away the enemies of his acolytes. Throughout his travels he has impregnated thousands of women. He and Arkith often have fights, with the two of them having a more or less even record.

Ponn, the stone man, is the god of hard work and the earth. He loves to argue, and is fond of taking gentle jabs at Arkish's sense of dignity. He is a curious god, who is always working on something new.

Hhllus, the gila monster, god of death, is surrounded by mystic items, and is constantly drooling his venom. He stands guard over Deathcave, where the world of humans, the world of angels, and the world of the gods meet. Unlike Honhun and Arkith, Hhllus is a slow, lethargic, lazy god, who takes his time making decisions. Nevertheless, he is immensely powerful: even Arkith is slow to antagonize him.

Gulahh, the wild man, has eyes the size of outstretched hands, huge pupils, is covered in black hair, and is constantly grimacing. He is the oldest of the gods, but is mentally retarded, and is prone to violently assaulting those around him with seemingly no cause. He is scared of most humans and angels, and spends most of his days running around from hiding spot to hiding spot screaming in terror

Shimphy', the ponderer, has no pupils in his eyes. One is pure black and the other is pure blue. He is the god of rain and spirits. When someone dies, the dead man's spirit . He is a quiet and reclusive god, who generally likes to avoid fights