The Ganuv plant is not only an important crop for the Ancient Sbakaz People and their forerunners, but an important aspect to the Sbakaz Culture. There are 3 main parts to the plant that are used in some fashion.

The Fruit[]

The Fruit of the Ganuv is a staple in Sbakaz cuisine, along with a major component of recipes. It's skin is almost exactly like that of an avocado, but is slightly tougher. The inside has a bright red fruit which has a sweet but sour taste. The inside fruit itself is fairly firm, and the skin can be separated from the fruit by pulling it off.


The seeds are the most influential part of their culture. The seeds' only found use is smoking. When they are burned, they give off a smoke that acts as a relaxant, and calms people down. Since the Proto-Era they have smoked these seeds at the end of the day to relieve stress, something that ended up very helpful in the Proto-Era, because of the constant adrenaline rush the hunters would have.

The Stem[]

The stem of the Ganuv plant is almost unworldly. It is an approximately one meter high stem, that is a straight and very sturdy cane, with the fruit growing right on top. To break a Ganuv cane without aid is truly a feat of strength, so they have been used in construction and weapon making by the Northern Ancient Sbakaz People . The Northerners people tend to use the stems much more that the other regions due to their use in creating ships, and for creating mining related constructs.