The Council of Båzda (P-Vd bå- important building + zda body) is an ongoing center for discussion and decision making within Ialtuxhe and the wider Tuxhexh Empire.

The name models itself upon the naming conventions of important buildings in Ialtuxhe, where physical concepts were prefixed by the honorific bå-.


The Båzda was established as a small portside building c.-500. Though it did not have any specific function, it served as a gathering place for returning sailors and other coastal workers to meet and relax. This function quickly progressed into more substantial meetings. In -155, the formal Council of Båzda was established as a result of a series of discussions regarding the situation of the Chäng people to the north.

Expedition of the Security of the Ordered PeoplesEdit

A resolution passed by the Council of Bazda in -153, the Expedition of the Security of the Ordered Peoples, or Northern Expedition was one of the first acts of control passed by the Council. In order to protect Rumzquze interest in the Chäng, the council passed the following edicts:

  • To drive all Chäng tribes that did not agree to join a Růmzqūze city and assimilate north of the Zqheong river.
  • To act as a constabulary force, enforcing the unified law across all town and cities.
  • To construct a series of walls and fortifications along the new Chäng frontier to protect the emerging colonial grassland from Chäng invasion.

These Expeditions led to the Expedition Wars, in which Ialtuxhe forces quickly appropriated Chäng lands and forced them to integrate into the new Tuxhexh Empire.

Tuxhexh Empire EraEdit

After the success of the Expedition War, the Council of Båzda was seen as a the center for important decision making. It's members, originally lowly fishermen, gained considerable power within Ialtuxhe society. After the formally proclamation of the Tuxhexh Empire in -150, the Council turned westward towards Southern Exhpazixh, where a growing Garo force had begun to infringe upon Rumzquze land. Appointing Lidiotu and Ilangkuå as the Ergun of the army, the Tuxhexh Empire began to expand westward.