Alajean Language is the language spoken by the Alajean people in southeastern Keskus.



/a e i u ɨ/ <a e i u î/y>

Consonant InventoryEdit

Nasal - /n m ɲ/ <n m nj>

Stop - /t d k g/ <t d k g>

Fricative - /ɸ β θ ð s ʃ x h/ <f v th dh s ch x h>

Affricate - /ts tʃ/ <ţ tj>

Liquid - /r l j/ <r l j>


Alajean has three noun genders, three plural classes, and six cases. It's preferred word order is OSV.

The gender system of Alajean is fairly simple, nouns or verbs ending in "i" are feminine, "a" is masculine, and "e" is for the neuter/inanimate. The cases and plural suffixes are as follows.....

Plural: - n

Dual: - si

Partitive: - sar

Absolutive : --

Ergative: : - hu

Accusative: - hî

Genitive: - ş

Possessive: - c


1s -- sa --
1p sin sen san
2s dimi dime dima
2p dimin dimen diman
3s luski luske luska
3p luskin lusken luskan


present tense conjugation for all genders ( in absolutive case)

amî (to be/exist) N
1s amami
1p amamin
2s amune
2p amunen
3s amine
3p aminen

Example: ul-Alajen aminen, cea amunen? ( We are the Alajeans, who are you?)

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